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Bring movies to life

London Kings' Cross station is not only a traffic hub, but also a place, from which Harry Potter and his friends were departing to Hogwarts. So people come here in search of Platform 9 3/4. And they find it! Here is a trolley half-stuck in the wall, and you can take a photo with Griffindor (or any other school) scarf. There is also a nice souvenir shop nearby, where you can buy tickets to Horwarts Express, wands and school uniform.

Unify outdoor advertising

Outdoor signs for shops, cafes, restaurants and places of interest are necessary for the businesses to attract customers and to survive, especially if your shop is not located on the main promenade. But usually every sign is different, and all together they create "visual garbage".

The city of Dubrovnik found a great solution for this – stylish maroon panels on every corner, listing the businesses and museums located within the block. They are informative and even add charm to the old buildings.