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10 things to do in Ohrid

The cozy town of Ohrid, Macedonia, situated at the lake of Ohrid, is "two in one". It is a historical town packed with magnificent churches and old houses and simultaneously a relaxed resort. We spent only one day in Ohrid, and it was a pity that we could not stay for longer – this place has much more to offer.

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skopje barokko

10 things you may do in Skopje, Macedonia

Disneyland for adults? Las Vegas on steroids? Quite unexpected definitions for a Balkan city, but Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, is exactly this. The municipal authorities have an unhealthy passion for baroque style and gigantic statues. Amusing for tourists, infuriating for local inhabitants, many of which do not like how the old part of the city is changing and how much money is spent on the construction. Skopje is largely undiscovered by tourists yet, so I suggest that you hurry up to visit it while it is still uncrowded and not expensive.

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