Teach and entertain

SEAT traffic school in Danish Legoland teaches children of age 7-13 how to drive a small car, read the signs, follow the traffic lights. They can even fill the tank with gas or wash their car at a washing station. In the end of the session each young driver gets […]


Get people proud, get people informed

Ben Gurion airport hosts temporary exhibitions dedicated to Israel – you cannot miss them on the way to you gate. This exposition presents great discoveries and developments made by Israeli scientists – from sherry tomatoes to a cure for Alzheimer disease. Be proud of your mediocrity Rent out umbrellas Visit […]


Try a historic profession

Danish Legoland is full of fun family experiences. For example you can pan the gold and travel in time to the period of "Gold Fever". Arrange a cooking class Teach and entertain Think about people flying to different climate zone Make the biggest museum of something unusual


Arrange a cooking class

Local food is an important part of traveling experience, and it is great to bring some new cooking idea home. During the Halong Bay cruise in Vietnam we learned how to make spring rolls, and now we can surprise our friends. Try a historic profession Teach and entertain Think about […]


Visit a flea market

Eye-shopping (or sometimes actual shopping) on flea markets is one of my favorite local experiences in almost any travel, especially in Europe. This retro toys were spotted on Portobello market in London. Change a point of view Set mini-information centers Celebrate the start of the season Pictographs speak better than […]


Sell bread and circuses

In Danish Legoland you can roast "American Indian Bread" on the fire. Incredible transformation of 5-crown piece of bread into 30-crown attraction… and a priceless quality time of parents with children. Offer a do-it-yourself souvenir Be proud of your mediocrity Arrange a cooking class Teach and entertain