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Discovering the taste of Tel-Aviv with Bitemojo

If you love hidden city gems, stories and good food, try spending a day with Bitemojo. That is what we did on one sunny Friday morning.

Bitemojo is a self-guided culinary and culture tour. You install the application on your iPhone or Android device, buy the tour and go at your own pace.The cities currently covered are Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem. London is coming soon.  The tour includes six "bites" – tasting portions of food and drinks in carefully chosen locations. Although in Tel-Aviv tour I would rather call them "gigabites" – we asked for a take-away bag already at the second location, since my "tasting portion" of sweet potato chips was huge!  

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5 reasons to go for a Free Walking Tour

The format of free walking tours started in 2004, and now is popular in Europe and the USA. The right name would be "pay-as-much-as-you-want" tours – there is no obligatory fee, but the guides are earning money on tips from participants. 

In the large European cities the free walking tours are run by large companies like Sandeman's – the pioneers of the format. In less popular tourist destinations individual enthusiast guides. 

For some reasons we were ignoring the free tours for a long time, but we tried them during our recent trip to Albania and Macedonia, and it was an amazing experience! So I would like to share with you the reasons of why to go for a free walking tour. 

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The Shrine of the Book in the Israel Museum: from ancient scripts to nanotechnologies

Would you ever believe that the entire Bible text may fit onto a nano chip of a sugar grain size?! Now it is a reality, and you may see it in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. This incredible exhibit was created for the 50th anniversary of the museum in the laboratories of Technion Institute in Haifa. The engraved text needs to be magnified 10,000 time so a human eye can read it!

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