10 reasons to visit Nepal (even if you are not into trekking)

Travelling to Nepal is mostly associated with trekking to Everest base camp or around Annapurna. So people tend to think that it is does not make sense to go to Nepal, if you do not have 20+ days to spend in the mountains or you just do not like trekking. But Nepal has much more to offer besides this and is one of the most pleasant and interesting countries of the region to travel. 

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New Delhi: Survival Kit

The capital of India is full of magnificent temples, mausoleums, museums and parks. The shopping opportunities are plenty and the food is exotic. At the same time, New Delhi is dirty, crowded and full of scammers. It is also infamous for “Delhi belly” – diarrhea and food poisoning experienced by many tourists. If you want positive experiences to outweight the negative ones, I invite you to pay attention to the New Delhi survival kit below.

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8 items from iHerb to keep you fresh and beautiful while traveling

When planning for a trip, each girl asks herself whether to pack cosmetics and skin care items – on the one hand, you need them, on the other hand – gosh, they are heavy! Here I put together a list of some great goods that you would appreciate during your travel.

iHerb.com is a huge online store for vitamins, food supplements, organic cosmetics and snacks, and so on. If you are not familiar with this website yet, it is worth trying. They are based in the U.S., but shipping all over the world at a reasonable fee. I have personally tried and tested most of the items below.

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10 places to avoid in Prague

Prague has a lot to offer both to newbies and experienced tourists: from art nouveau architecture to graffiti, from street festivals to pub crawling. Still there are places that may ruin the visitor’s impression from Prague. My friend Tanya Galitskaya, who works as a tour guide in Prague for many years, has put together a list of such potential disappointments (link to Russian original on Pretty Prague website), and I translated it to English.

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10 things you can do in Bangkok

This article opens the series “10 things you can do in…” – my 100% subjective point of view on cities and countries of the world.

1) Explore the historical part of the city and visit its main places of interest – Wat Phra Kaew Buddhist temple and Grand Palace. Very colorful, very shiny, very beautiful, the only downside is that it is always a huge crowd of tourists there. Note the Emerald Buddha – the Thai king personally dresses him up three times a year, in the beginning of dry, rainy and hot season. The palace includes several small, but interesting museums: an exhibition of Thai currency from anciently to our days, a museum of Crown Jewels and an armory. There is also an unusual market of amulets nearby.

A friendly advice: put the shoes which are easy to pull-off, since you would need to do it every time before entering a temple.


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