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Lessons learned from TBEX Killarney

We started our Irish road trip on a high note – attending TBEX Killarney, the largest conference and networking event for travel bloggers, travel content professionals and industry experts. Last March I attended TBEX Jerusalem and it gave me a boost to continue developing myself as a travel blogger and destination marketing professional. So when I learned that the coming TBEX would be in Ireland, which was on our bucket list for a long time, my husband and me did not hesitate.

And there came my first lesson: every TBEX is different. I first found it out when I was scheduling speed dating meetings with industry representatives and sponsors in Killarney and only manage to get a few invitations due to huge competition for the time slots. I immediately realized that the event would be much bigger then in Jerusalem. And it was! 600 travel bloggers and industry experts came together for several days to network, learn from each other, agree on cooperation and (the last but not least) have fun! 

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