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Book Review: Pringles, Visas and the Glow in the Dark Jesus by Sharon Cracknell

Pringles, Visas and the Glow in the Dark Jesus – on Amazon 

A writing rule says – first phrase should be catchy. "I knew something was seriously wrong when four policemen entered my classroom and signaled me to leave with them" was catchy enough for to continue reading Sharon Cracknell's book. It is in fact a travel diary, story of the author's trips to exotic countries like Uganda, Indonesia or even Kyrgyzstan. 

I got acquainted with Sharon at TBEX Jerusalem and was excited to read a book of someone I have personally met. 

Sharon writes in a vivid, ironic manner, so you can easily visualize the places. It feels like traveling together: chasing lions in Serengeti, playing card games for Pringles in Everest base camp or being invited to a posh Uzbek wedding in Samarkand. 

And special thanks for "Houdini" Nivea wipes tip! I am definitely taking them with me when I finally get to climbing Kilimanjaro. 


  1. Looks like a fun read!

  2. Wow, what a captivating opening sentence! It really makes me curious as what's to come! I haven't heard of this book, but I'm always looking for new travel diary's and narratives!

  3. I'm currently on something of a binge in terms of travel books and this one looks like a real find. And having lived in Kyrgyzstan myself, I read absolutely anything I can about the place. And really, with a title like that, who wouldn't be interested?

  4. It sounds like an interesting read! I like to read about other travelers' stories, especially when I am traveling

  5. Sounds like a good read

  6. I'm curious about her stories from the Philippines. The entire book sounds really interesting. Hope to find this book here…or is it available online?

    • Elena Nemets

      Ooops! Sharon just told me that I have mixed up Philippines with Indonesia, I feel so stupid for doing this!!!

      The link to the e-book on Amazon is in the post. 

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